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FARI Institute provides research, education and policy guidance for the impact of Artificial Intelligence on crucial parts of our society such as health, work, media, finance and government. As a lighthouse it illuminates the ever changing world of Future Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. A beacon of knowledge that offers guidance in the true spirit of Humanism and Enlightenment aiming to be the moral compass and serve the Common Good.

When it comes to cities, many solutions have been put forward involving AI and Robotics. But most projects are faced with important roadblocks. The level of technological expertise required is often a costly commodity. Also, the ethical and societal implications can be damaging if they are not identified and mitigated as early as possible. Additionally, the projects are rarely interdisciplinary. It is also crucial to make sure that AI research and the next generation of technologies will be sufficiently transparent, approachable and useful for those they aim to serve. FARI will help tackle these challenges by providing three hubs: